Affordable Plasma Cutters

The goal is to provide you the simplest plasma cutter for the money. The subsequent reviews and comparisons highlight the top rated cheap plasma cutters at


If you’re probing for a unit that gives the foremost bang for the buck, the Ramsond has it emphatically. Its overall size is barely nineteen pounds (i.e.) utterly transportable. The utmost cut limit is 3/4″ with a 60% duty cycle. Thicknesses up to 1 is created on severe cuts.

The CUT 50 will run on either 110or 220v. Due to this flexibility, the unit doesn’t ship with a plug. This comes in handy once you got to travel together with your unit since wherever you’re going might not have constant shops as you look. It needs an external compressor.


Hypertherm has been setting the quality in plasma cutting systems for years with smart quality. Hypertherm’s name rests solidly on their merchandise ability. Therein regard the Powermax45 is an absolute beast. This could build precise cuts through 1/2″ steel all day long. It carries a hefty tag, it’s simple on consumables which implies it’s easier on your chequebook over the end of the day.

As a new perk, Hypetherm’s consumable area unit less costly than those of the many different makers. This is often one thing that ought to NOT be unnoticed if you’re in operation a business wherever maintaining profit margins is vital.


Miller is another powerhouse once it involves plasma cutting systems. The Spectrum 625 X-treme could be a workhorse of a cutter. It’s really rated to chop 5/8″ soft-cast steel vs the 1/2″ soap for the Hypertherm. In terms of building construction and quality it’s primarily an industrial quality tool. It even offers each 110V and 220v power, therefore you’ll use it around anyplace. Clearly you’re restricted on thickness once exploitation with 110V. It offers a lot of constant practice of the Powermax45 as well as a car re-fire capability that permits for cutting materials like grates and different perforated metals. It additionally offers fast and secure attachments for the torch, gas, and power.


Hobart has been within the business for 100 years of manufacturing quality merchandise . The armed service 40i could be an extremely economical and work on all semiconducting metals. It’s primarily based around electrical converter technology that’s each reliable and economical. The 40i is most important for each significant industrial use and light-weight.

Capable of cutting up to 5/8″ steel cleanly, this dangerous boy will tackle around something you throw at it. It will even sever up to 7/8″ steel. Therefore, as long as you offer it with enough power, it’ll go all day. Designed for significant workloads, this is often a real industrial grade cutter.


Any tool that you get is just an investment. And once it involves plasma cutting systems, you get what you obtain. The models mentioned here are a unit the simplest models on the market.